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Ich liebe es, mit Sommerklängen und anderen Kulturen zu experimentieren und das alles mit elektronischer Musik zu teilen.

EuGenius, official name Eugen Lai, born in Kazakhstan, lives in Germany, is an independent artist and works as a music producer in his small company "EuGenius Music" since 2023.

As a newcomer, without any musical experience, his career begins in 2020 from home. EuGenius experiments with electronic music in different genres and has made great progress in a relatively short time. His preferences are EDM, dubstep, house, but also electronic music in Arabic and African style can inspire him. Tropical sounds and chillout are also welcome.

Since he mainly produces music for free use, his music has already been uploaded to various music libraries on YouTube. Major music libraries and labels like @BreakingCopyright and @RFM_official have also shown interest in his music. EuGenius sees his personal success in the fact that the MojoHeadz Records label has offered him a 5-year contract for one of his songs.

In 2022, his collaborations with other artists begin. His song "Fairytale Walk" in collaboration with Georgios Tsirtakis, called "Lýrikos", and a Filipino singer named April Pearl Fedalgo was the breakthrough for some, especially in Eastern Europe. He also drew inspiration from breakbeat and freestyle. His track "Inspirations" in collaboration with Eternal Sunset is proof of that. From November 2023, everyone can admire his collaboration with a Polish group called FAM CREW. This mix is especially interesting for people who love breakdancing.

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